Let’s Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas!!!

November 12th, 2010 @   -  No Comments

The Holidays are fast approaching. Wal-Mart has Christmas trees up and the news is talking about all the Black Friday deals that you CANNOT miss. Next week is Thanksgiving and we will blink again and it will be Christmas. It seems as if the end of the year is accelerating faster and faster, and soon it will be the year 2011!
As we start down the road to the holidays, I often feel overwhelmed. I often feel like Christmas is too much work, and I feel as if my “obligations” are too great. I HAVE to buy and ship all the presents to our relatives that don’t live close. I HAVE to decorate the whole house. I HAVE to get my children all the items they need for their parties at school. I HAVE to go to the party my boss is throwing, and oh yes, I HAVE to go to church at least once this Christmas…….
The world gives us all the HAVE to’s, but really this season SHOULD be all about us celebrating the Savior of the world coming to earth in the form of a baby laying in a manger. He came to take away all our sins so that we may have eternal life with the Father through Him. What we really SHOULD focus on is keeping Christ the center of our Christmas season.
So when you feel overwhelmed, and your world is spinning faster than you can stand, stop and take a moment and thank God for sending His only Son as a sacrifice for us. Without Christ there would be no reason to celebrate at all. Let’s keep Christ in CHRISTmas!!!!

BY: Shani Connors, FACA Director

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