FACA updates! Note from your new Principal Mr. Jon Bush

May 31st, 2018 @

I am very honored to announce that I am the new Principal and Administrator here at First Assembly Christian Academy! I have been here two months and change is in the air. We now have a competitive Robotics Team. We are forming a basketball team and baseball team. Our sports team will be supported by our new cheerleading squad. Also this year we had our first student election for Student Government. Cash Day and Ian Villemarette were elected President and Vice President of the student body. I look forward to working with these young men to make our school a better place for serving the Lord and learning. We are also revitalizing the The Eagle Gazette newspaper. We are currently seeking writers, editors, and photographers. We would like to invite you to come by the school or call us to hear about all the wonderful new extracurricular activities. In my efforts to engage the community I have opened the doors to First Assembly Christian Academy to all home school students that might take interest in any of the activities we are hosting here at FACA. In addition, we are hosting a Summer Camp for all students in the community. The cost this week is $50 per camp. In the morning hours we will have Sports and Cheerleading. from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. In the afternoons we will have Drama and Robotics from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Lunch and snacks will be provided. The camp dates are June 25 – June 29, 2018.
FACA is really excited about all the changes to our school. Currently we are educating and enrolling students from Kindergarten to the 8th grade level. Our Preschool accepts kids from 6 weeks until 4 years old. This year we will be offering Band or Art as required electives. Our Math and Science courses are now using STEM curriculum. We are proud of our Abeka and STEAM
(Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) based curriculum. Next year is going to be really exciting for us and we would love to take new students on this journey with us, either traditionally as a full time student or ancillary as an participant in one of our many extracurricular. Can’t wait to meet you!

Yours In Christ;
Mr. Jon Bush, Principal / Administrator

November Events

October 25th, 2017 @



Annual Fall Festival

October 25th, 2017 @

Don’t forget our Annual Fall Festival on Sunday, October 29th 6:00-8:00. There will be trunk or treat, jump houses and slides, hay rides and concessions ALL FREE!!! Fun for the whole family!!!

October Events

October 25th, 2017 @

10-3 Band Class 3:30-4:30
10-5 & 6 Fair Days (School’s Out)
10-9 Columbus Day (School’s Out)
10-10 Band Class 3:30-4:30
10-11 4H Luncheon 12:00-1:00
10-12 ASL Class 3:30-4:30
10-17 Band Class 3:30-4:40
10-19 ASL Class 3:30-4:30
10-24 Fire Safety Day (Fire Trucks Coming)
10-24 Band Class 3:30-4:30
10-25 4H 3:30-4:30
10-26 ASL Class 3:30-4:30
10-29 ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL 6:00-8:00
10-31 Band Class 3:30-4:30


September 21st, 2017 @

We at First Assembly Christian Academy are offering significant STEM curriculum, activities and projects. Studies show the people with this training will be able to get better jobs with higher pay and we are committed to giving your child the best education possible! what-is-stem-school

Military Discount

July 28th, 2017 @

Starting August 1st we will offer a military discount!!! Military discount cannot be added to any other discount. Thank you for your service!

2017 Enrollment Extravaganza

April 6th, 2016 @


Saturday, April 9th is our Enrollment Extravaganza! It will be held in front of the main church building from 9-12 AM. We will have a live radio host, games, sponsors, jumpers, and food. Bring your friends and family to see what First Assembly Christian Academy and Preschool is all about!

Flood Relief

March 15th, 2016 @

FACA is participating in the flood relief efforts for our community. Below is a list of items that the Burr Ferry community is asking for:

Here’s an updated list if anyone would like to know what’s needed:
Multi-plugs, box fans, brooms, rakes, shovels, first aid kits, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, ice chests, towels, wash clothes, loofahs, mops, brooms, trash bags, clorox bleach, dish washing liquid, washing detergent, fabric softner, dryer sheets, dishes, cat litter, dog and cat food…

We need lots more non-perishable food, snacks, chips, drinks, Little Debbie snack cakes, peanut butter and cheese crackers, juices, Capri-Suns, Pop-Tarts, Lot and lots of Gatorade!

We also need volunteers to prepare food for the people who are working and cleaning up their homes. They are tired and hungry when they come in. Thank to everyone who has helped since this started! Every effort has not went unnoticed!
PLEASE BRING YOUR DONATIONS TO FACA and we will make sure that they get to where they are needed. Thank you


March 7th, 2016 @

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Spirit/Re-Enrollment Week 2016
Monday – Sports Day
Tuesday – Super Hero Day
Wednesday – Crazy Day
Thursday – Inside Out Day
Friday – Super Spirit Day

A Beka and Common Core

February 29th, 2016 @

A Beka and Common Core
A Beka Book is committed to providing the finest educational resources for Christian schools and homeschool families. Accordingly, we routinely monitor educational trends in curriculum and assessment to evaluate them in light of traditional Christian values and objectives. Our goal is to continually improve A Beka Book materials by providing the most up-to-date content and best practices in textbooks and curriculum.
Common Core Alignment
Many Christian school educators and homeschool parents are inquiring about the sweeping national education standards known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). While CCSS have only been written for English language arts and mathematics, they have quickly been adopted by most state departments of education, and future standardized testing appears to be aligning with them. Meanwhile, there is much controversy over the imposition of national standards, the loss of local control over education, and undesirable philosophical implications.
Because A Beka Book has historically met or exceeded recommended content standards, it is not surprising that when compared to current CCSS, the A Beka Book language arts and mathematics objectives were found to already meet almost all Common Core content standards.
However, a few differences were found. For example, in English language arts, A Beka Book fulfills or exceeds many of the standards at an earlier grade level than outlined in CCSS. Further, in mathematics, A Beka Book has chosen a different sequence of topical representation because it is more logical in presentation than what Common Core proposes.
Standards in education are often very useful when they inform content in an effort to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate, sequentially meaningful, and academically rigorous. Unfortunately, some of Common Core goes beyond content and moves into the realm of teaching methodology. Since many of these techniques do not align with our traditional Christian approach, we have purposefully chosen not to add them, but rather to leave it up to the school or individual to make decisions for implementation in keeping with their philosophy and principles of teaching and learning.
Proven Success of A Beka Book
The academic integrity of A Beka Book has been validated by the success of hundreds of thousands of students over decades. Historically, students instructed under our curriculum consistently score above national averages on standardized tests and on college entrance tests. Our skilled researchers and writers do not paraphrase progressive education textbooks; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from the traditional Christian point of view.
While it is healthy to be informed by educational trends and performance data, it is not the practice of A Beka Book to adjust or change its curriculum to align with each new reform that is presented in academia. We will continue our commitment to seek content and best practices that provide students with the tools they need for both academic and personal success.